Monday, March 2, 2009

Flea Market, Button Box Goodies

I went to the flea market yesterday. We have two per month here, and both are small-ish affairs, inside, with about 15-20 vendors. Not the large, outdoor junk-fests that I long for, the type you read about in magazines.

Anyway, one of my favorite things to buy is boxes/tins/bags of vintage buttons. I enjoy buttons, sure, but another thing I love is how button boxes were the junk drawers of their day. There are always interesting non-button things in with buttons, which are always fun.

So here are a few of the non-button things I readily noticed in a cigar box of buttons that I bought yesterday. Such as.... Sweet button cards, a card of "enameled" thumbtacks, a vintage pharmacy box with tiny glass buttons inside, a bone crochet hook, some buckles, and a butterfly rhinestone pin.

Amendment to Rule #1: Everything is for sale, if I can find it.

That is, the stuff in the photo is surely for sale... but since I already added it to a large box of other little bits ready to sell, finding them again is always a challenge. I'm a pretty organized person in that I generally have everything in a box. But within the box, all bets are off. I'll find it again. Some day. And when I do, it's for sale!

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