Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hello, I am Stella, ruler of Manto Fev

Manto Fev enters the 21st Century. Kicking and screaming, as they say. BUT... this blog is going to be so rad. If you like art stuff and old stuff, and seeing pictures of said stuff, this will be just your speed. Also, things will be for sale.

Rule #1: Everything is for sale.

Also, if you find this dog cute, stick around. There will be more.

Her name is Stella. Darnit... I've already broken my very first rule because Stella is not for sale.

More soon.


  1. stellaluna...sweet pea she is! looking forward to your offerings...people, check out the fev! she has cool stuff, superb customer service-what's not to love?

  2. Glad there is a blog! Swore I would NEVER have one---now it keeps me sane and somewhat focused, though that is questionable. WIll put you in my blogs to visit; stop by if you get a chance. Art is slow lately due to an accident but acerbic humouous content is always there!

  3. Hi Sara!!! This is such a cool surprise! I love Stella, she's a beauty. I am happy I can come here and brag about the great stuff I get here and how great Sara is.



  4. Hi, Sara, I was happy to hear from you and glad to see your blog. I've missed hanging out around the Manto Fev website, and have promised myself if I just make 2 things, only two, then I can come back and buy more. The blog is great and I hope I can do one myself before something new turns up and no one does blogs anymore - usually if I wait long enough that happens and I can congratulate myself for not having wasted the previous 5 years blogging, or whatever.

    We adopted a 2-year-old golden retriever/collie in September, and my life has not been the same. He's a darling, although he had a blighted childhood, so has needed a good deal more education than I bargained for. However, we couldn't have gotten a better dog anywhere, for any amount of money, so are very happy with him.

    Since Cooper loves everything that breathes, especially if it breathes and will play with him, I know he joins me in sending regards to you and Stella. She's a cutie pie - and now I really have to do a blog so I can show photos of my beautiful boy to the world.