Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I know how she feels.

Ha! This picture cracks me up. One sister looks very neat. Braided hair, folded hands, somewhat bored expression.

The other sister? Watch out! She's a pistol. Messy hair, mischievous grin, dress askew.

Now that I think about, Neat Sister looks more exasperated than bored. She's the good one and Messy Sister is always stealing the show. She's sick of it.

Vintage photos are such fun! This one will be for sale shortly in my flea market section. My flea market changes almost every day; you never know what you are going to find!


  1. ha! reminds me of little house on the prairie, mary was always the good one and laura the messy one!

  2. oh that's great! reminds me of me and my sister - but i'm not telling which one was which! ;)

    i've been meaning to email you ever since i got your note but i haven't done it. i think because with an email you feel like you have to catch up and write 10 paragraphs or something. :) i was very happy to get your note, tho, and yes, virginia, i do have a blog.

    how's everything on your end?