Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday Flea Market

As always, the Sunday flea market this past weekend yielded some fun finds for the website. Here are some highlights:

I take a lot of pictures like this.... a jumble of stuff. Buttons that look like pennies! Old keys! Fleur de lis!

Super cute silver doilies with an Asian style. A darling little metal pin that says "6 years old". Some little ceramic figures that came in a bag with the small metal dog (top left) which is what I really wanted! But they are kind of cute, too.

Bad photo, sorry! Awesome old autograph book with neat messages inside. A vintage pencil tin and a circus-themed Old maid card set.

I'm not entirely sure what these are but they were too cool to pass up. They are little Chinese men and women made from fabric and paper, but they are flat. It looks like they were removed from something but who knows what?

Finally, jewelry. The bracelet in the upper left is yucksville as-is but it is decorated with pretty vintage cut glass beads which I've already removed! Also some flower pins, MOP pins which I can never pass up, and some rhinestone earrings.

Good times were had by all.


Monday, August 2, 2010


I found an excellent stash of vintage Valentine's Day cards at an estate sale recently. They range in ages but I would guess most are from the 1920-40s. So many awesome graphics and styles, including many 3-D ones. These will be for sale in the flea market section of the site, individually!

About 140 total cards. I love finds like this!