Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Office or, The Dog Fight

Manto Fev moved it's headquarters in November from a basement to a room! Yay! It was a pretty smooth transition and move and I am finally getting settled in enough to have time to update my neglected blog. So here is a short tour of the new Manto Fev world headquarters. Also included, at no extra charge, is a dog fight.

When you first come in the door (on the left of the picture), there is a handy fire extinguisher .... oh, wait... nope. Just a glass box and a stick to break it. No fire safety for you, move along.

Turn to go down the hall and you are welcomed by two very calm dogs. They seem to say "Hello, this is a place of calm and tranquility."

Then, BAM. Welcome to the office and welcome to THE TERRIBLE FIGHT. Don't call the Humane Society on me, I promise no wagers were made as to the outcome of this event. It ended shortly after and no dogs were injured in the making of this post. Or in the 157 more fights that have happened just today.

So here it is, in all its glory, The Office. Good times.

This post is also a vehicle to provide the following information:

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