Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stuff I like

I have a fun job. Going around, looking for fun things for you to use in your art projects, taking photos, updating the site. Lots of little things flow in and out of my life and it's nice to be their owner for little while and then pass them on to a new home. I do like some little bits more than others, and here are some examples.

Vintage redemption stamps, redeemable for fabulous prizes...

The current cool colors I have in the sari fabrics.

I love big heaps of postage stamps. These are waiting to make up the misc. postage stamps packs.

I adore these vintage matchbox labels. Each one is different and better than the last.

I am down to my last bottles of German glass glitter. I bought out my supplier's remaining stock so get it now to add sparkle to your holiday crafts!

Real pennies with little hearts cut out. These would be great for Valentine's Day art.

As a devoted follower of all things small, these watch part vials really fit the bill. Maybe I was a watch repair person in a former life?

These vintage liquor labels have such fun, bright colors.

Dixie reluctantly models the small plastic dog figures.

Stella unknowingly models the doghouse charms.

So that's the end of that.

But before I go, two announcements!

One, Manto Fev now offers a free gift with any $25 purchase. There are several options to choose from and I will add new options now and again when I come up with them.

Second, Manto Fev will be moving to a new location sometime around the beginning of November. You can expect great things after this if the move doesn't kill us all.

Hope all is well in your land. Toodle-loo.