Monday, September 7, 2009

Souvenir Bathroom

Another one of my collections...

Souvenir items.

I have a bathroom on the first level of our house- it was yellow when we moved in, and the color looked great with my collection of green and white pottery. I was also happy to finally have a place to display my souvenir plates. Most of these are places I have lived in or at least visited.

I also have metal souvenir ashtrays lined up along the chair rail, that little ledgey thing.

The green and white pottery with some yellow thrown in. I guess seashells and stuff are also a theme here....

The sea glass in the following picture was collected in Ireland.

I have only two of these old souvenir cups, but I'd like to get more. Also a small pottery bird that fits into the color scheme nicely.

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day.