Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dog Protection.

Here at Manto Fev we go to great lengths to protect our products. We want them to be in tip-top shape before they are sent out to our customers.

To that end, let me introduce our highly effective Dog Barrier 2000 (tm) with patented "Two Levels of Vicious Protection" and optional, but necessary, "Black and White Fur Finish" for optimal camouflage. Also, we have activated "Border Collie Mix Round-up" to help keep everything in line.

We are the pioneers of this precise system of protection!

Here it is in action:

Layer One! The "75 pound Door Guard" feature. This feature protects the first level of entry, the front door. Notice the prone position. This may appear to be laziness, but, in fact, the top eye is always open. No one can get into that parking lot without a serious barking-at. This layer also comes with the optional "Very Soft Fur" and "Crazy Eyes".

Layer Two! In the unlikely event that an intruder should get past Layer One, Layer Two is ready for action. Layer Two has the job of one-on-one combat to protect all of our important products. No one is getting to that box of Nori Glue unless they walk very slowly and say "Nice doggie" as they do it. Layer Two comes with customizable fur, or "Scruffiness" for a wide variety of looks and finishes. Layer Two also comes standard with "Show the Soft Belly" to finish off the bad guys as they succumb to the cuteness.

We take your art supplies very seriously here at Manto Fev. We spend thousands of dollars a year on fancy foods, treats, balls, vet bills, meaty toothpastes, and more just to keep our security system in tip-top shape.