Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flea Market Extravaganza

I went to a flea market a couple of weekends ago. This is a larger, outdoor flea that is held twice a year. I generally go to flea markets to look for stuff for the website, but I did find a few things for me, including two items that are now, unfortunately, part of a new collection. I say unfortunately because I need a new collection like I need a kick in the face. That is to say... I don't need a new collection. So let's see if the new collection meets approval...

On the left, we have what is possibly a Steiff elephant. I found several others like it on Ebay, and it does appear to have a tiny hole in the right ear where a Steiff tag may have been. Either way, it's a cute little mohair elephant stuffie.

The wee horses are the new collection. I unknowingly had two of these already, and after buying these new little friends, discovered that they all have the same little tag, and are made by Kunstlerschutz of West Germany. Upon doing a little research, this company makes all kinds of funny little flocked animals although I do think the horses/zebra are the cutest.

How could I resist these little smiles? These little friends and the elephant where in a box with some other dollhouse-type stuff. I started pawing through it (after telling my friend to BACK OFF, THIS BOX IS MINE! in a nice way, of course) (one reason why you should maybe not go to the flea with people who like the same things you do) (Hi, Toni!)... Anyway, the owner of the booth sauntered by and said "Everything in that box is a quarter...." I had already grabbed the little elephant and the horses and for that price... well... I was pretty pleased.

Here is the new little horse/zebra family. The two I had are attached to little foil stars for some reason. I think I got those two in a bag of Christmas ornaments from the thrift store.

So that's the new collection, tiny flocked West German horses. Thumbs up or down??

A few other things I got for myself. Two silver cuff bracelets, a Made in Japan ashtray from Washington DC (for my souvenir bathroom, and since we are going there this week), a pencil tie clip (the pencil works!), a lovely necklace and earrings from Bali, and a German Bible from 1884; that was a dollar. I don't collect Bibles, but I collect old books and this one fits the bill, and the price was right. Oh, I also found an awesome micro-mosaic ring from Italy, that was my best find and it's not even in the photo. So much for my in-depth report.

My next update will hopefully be a report of my visit to a Washington DC flea market! Yay, Manto Fev gets a vacation this week!