Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tiny Dressers

Well, shoot. The weekend is over. Drat! I'll try to merge gracefully into the week with a new post about another one of my favorite collections.

I guess these are supposed to be jewelry boxes? I call them tiny Asian dressers. The name isn't that creative but it does describe them well. I have 7 of them right now.

For example:

The one on the left isn't Asian, I guess, but it is a tiny dresser and it was only $1 so I got it.

I love their little doors, drawers and handles. The one on the right above has sliding doors that open and close. This one also has a lot of nice inlaid work.

A little mirror in the door on the right.

This is my latest one and it came with all of these fun little things inside. Dollies, old celluloid charms, a tiny woven basket from Japan.

I don't think I've paid more than $10 for any of them. I think they look so cute all together.

And pacified by the cute, I'm ready to start work again. Have a good week, everyone.


  1. Yes, I agree, they're jewelry boxes. At least, that's what I always used them for. I wonder what happened to mine?

    What a wonderful collection of treasures were in the last one!

    Anne Davis, loyal customer, having trouble with OpenID yet again

  2. I have two or three of them, from different eras and all the black with the paint or mother of peral on them. They are tiny jewelry boxes and were quite popular.
    I don't use mine simply because I am afraid the paint will eventually rub off, but I am sure a couple I have are fitted with silver or silver plated handles. (due to tarnish!)
    Lovely collection as I had never seen the light colored ones!
    And I really need to visit your store----but a broken hip and the doc bills have forced me into a bit of frugality for the moment....pooey! (may shop anyway as *therapy!*)

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