Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Friday, time to finish up work, but I'd rather walk around my work room and show you some things. Not the messy things, though.

Bulletin board above my work table. Tumors do suck, don't you agree?

I have several vintage slide storage boxes that I use to hold inventory. They are very handy.

Four huge jars of buttons I just got and need to sort out.

I love these vintage glass watch vials.

It is raining right now, so Stella is scared. She's following me around, shivering in anticipation of thunder. Poor baby.

Old magazines and a very old clothespin holder. I don't have a clothesline, maybe I need to build one so I can have a use for these.

I have a thing for paisley. It's unnatural.

Storage room floor- I collect small throw rugs and cobble them together to cover the almost 100-year old brick floor. Stella likes to ball them up and lie on them so I'm always straightening them.

Anyone need a vintage razor? Why do I have so many of these, you ask? Well... who knows.

Cute vintage flowers from a recent estate sale, someday soon to be sold on the site.

Here is Dixie, our newest dog. We got her in March and she's a sweetie. She's 1 year old and still a floppy puppy for the most part.

It's very nearly the weekend. And for this, I am glad. Enjoy it.


  1. So, I could just dive into your work room and not resurface for days. wonderous!

  2. Please come by my blog to check out the Bella Sinclair Award that I am passing on to you. :) I was supposed to choose 20 artists. But it was important to me that it mean something so I could only think of 10 people that it really fit. And you were one of them.