Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Even ribbons enjoy a good rack.

Busy, busy, busy.

A few months ago, my dad and I made a ribbon rack to hold my growing stock of ribbons and trims. I was getting tired of keeping them organized in boxes and we designed this nice rack. I got all the trims put on it, but it was only about half full. What to do? Well ... buy more trims, of course! Ha!

So I bought these a few weeks ago and just got them posted today. Eleven new, old stock* vintage trims. I have a weakness for these; I love the colors and patterns.

Don't they look so nice in a little pile? But I can't wait to put them all on the ribbon rack! It's the little things that keep us going, right? :)

*Manto Fev vocab! New old stock (or NOS) means vintage items that were never used or sold. Most often they come in original wrappings or boxes.


  1. 'bout time, darlin'. I've been hoping you would do this! Now I can visit my favorite 'flea market' daily.

  2. Congrats Sara! Love you and your funky site. Now there's more of you to love.

  3. I drool over vintage trims. I have a massive collection and I hate to use it. Is that sick? I use things then feel bad they're not in my stash anymore, sooooo I have to search out more!! Hmmmm

    Great blog Sara, thanks for sending me your link!!

  4. hehe love the title of the post
    love all your ribbon
    glad you got a blog

  5. I love love the new old stock. I got some vintage (probably 60's or 70's) ribbon and other sewing odds and ends from a Great Aunt and the were just the right size for doll outfits. Thus, I must have more. Thankfully, you -aka Manto Fev are out there. Now all I need to do is scrape a few dollars together.

  6. I must thank Anne at El Milagro studio for pointing me to your blog and web site. Expect an order from me soon! Was that your dog on the cover of Bark magazine, Jan/Feb 09??? It wasn't but it almost could have been.

  7. I hate to admit that at one time, I had almost every one of these trims.....I used to make Barbie clothes to sell (I mean, fitted and lined and beautiful little couture pieces like the old ones, years ago) and my grandmother sewed, so there was always an abundance of trim available to me.
    Seeing these all stacked neatly was a trip down memory lane and it took a LOT of resistance NOT to order some just to LOOK AT. :)
    I'll save my money for something to go into ART!