Monday, May 14, 2012

Flea Market Finds

Last weekend I went to 2 flea markets and an estate sale.  Here are some of my finds!

Neat wool felt bag.  It has some moth holes but it's still so cute!

Some fun and bright vintage linens!

Vintage St. Anthony Guild seals.  These will protect your letters en route!

When I saw the pillow on left, I exclaimed, "You have GOT to be kidding me!"  On the right is a needlepoint that *I* have been working on for about 9-10 years now and it's almost finished.  So I guess that was a waste of time.  Oh well, at least I'll have a pair now.  SIGH.

Neat little Japanese style textile.

Older Japanese kimono.  It has some stains so I need to decide how to clean it.  I loved the print, though.

A full box of vintage pencil leads.  I'm hoping these will fit some vintage mechanical pencils that I have.

Odds and ends.  A compass, ruler, necklaces.

Neat Mary and St. Ann statue. 

This might be the original Facebook.  2.5 inches high, silver metal, looks like a small book but opens to reveal....

Space for tiny pictures!  I love it.

One booth at the flea market had a box of neat old textile pieces....

Woven pieces....

The scarf at bottom right has a very intricate knotted fringe border.

Super fancy Indian sandals.  Alas, they are about a size 5.

A good time was had by all.  Check out the flea market on the site and discover some treasures for yourself!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Package from India!

Hello to my long-neglected blog. We recently got some new products from India that we want to share with you.

This is the box we got in the mail, direct from India. Have you ever had to unsew a package? We sure haven't!

Here is the first look inside the box:

Yes! New silk saris. We got 15 new ones, all with beautiful patterns.

Also some new postcards featuring Hindu Gods.

Here is something we love.... hand carved wood block stamps. These are so pretty! There are a lot of different patterns.

Check us out on Facebook!
We will post there when we get these new products on the site.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dog Protection.

Here at Manto Fev we go to great lengths to protect our products. We want them to be in tip-top shape before they are sent out to our customers.

To that end, let me introduce our highly effective Dog Barrier 2000 (tm) with patented "Two Levels of Vicious Protection" and optional, but necessary, "Black and White Fur Finish" for optimal camouflage. Also, we have activated "Border Collie Mix Round-up" to help keep everything in line.

We are the pioneers of this precise system of protection!

Here it is in action:

Layer One! The "75 pound Door Guard" feature. This feature protects the first level of entry, the front door. Notice the prone position. This may appear to be laziness, but, in fact, the top eye is always open. No one can get into that parking lot without a serious barking-at. This layer also comes with the optional "Very Soft Fur" and "Crazy Eyes".

Layer Two! In the unlikely event that an intruder should get past Layer One, Layer Two is ready for action. Layer Two has the job of one-on-one combat to protect all of our important products. No one is getting to that box of Nori Glue unless they walk very slowly and say "Nice doggie" as they do it. Layer Two comes with customizable fur, or "Scruffiness" for a wide variety of looks and finishes. Layer Two also comes standard with "Show the Soft Belly" to finish off the bad guys as they succumb to the cuteness.

We take your art supplies very seriously here at Manto Fev. We spend thousands of dollars a year on fancy foods, treats, balls, vet bills, meaty toothpastes, and more just to keep our security system in tip-top shape.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday Flea Market

As always, the Sunday flea market this past weekend yielded some fun finds for the website. Here are some highlights:

I take a lot of pictures like this.... a jumble of stuff. Buttons that look like pennies! Old keys! Fleur de lis!

Super cute silver doilies with an Asian style. A darling little metal pin that says "6 years old". Some little ceramic figures that came in a bag with the small metal dog (top left) which is what I really wanted! But they are kind of cute, too.

Bad photo, sorry! Awesome old autograph book with neat messages inside. A vintage pencil tin and a circus-themed Old maid card set.

I'm not entirely sure what these are but they were too cool to pass up. They are little Chinese men and women made from fabric and paper, but they are flat. It looks like they were removed from something but who knows what?

Finally, jewelry. The bracelet in the upper left is yucksville as-is but it is decorated with pretty vintage cut glass beads which I've already removed! Also some flower pins, MOP pins which I can never pass up, and some rhinestone earrings.

Good times were had by all.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I found an excellent stash of vintage Valentine's Day cards at an estate sale recently. They range in ages but I would guess most are from the 1920-40s. So many awesome graphics and styles, including many 3-D ones. These will be for sale in the flea market section of the site, individually!

About 140 total cards. I love finds like this!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flea Market Fun!

This past Sunday was one of Omaha's monthly flea markets, and I had a good time! I thought it would be fun to make a post of some of my finds. All of these items will be available for sale via my own flea market at some point in the near future, but email me if you have any questions!

These are 1950s prescription files from a pharmacy. The boxes are cool and the have a neat little metal contraption inside to hold the filled prescriptions. They would be great as a base for a mixed media scrapbook. I'll sell the prescriptions via my site and then sell the boxes and holders separately.

Some linens. The big lacy thing on the right is an older vintage collar. I love the embroidered animals at the bottom.

These are super cool! I was told that they are antique Chinese gaming tokens made from 1750-1800. They are intricately carved mother of pearl. These will make amazing pendants or jewelry. I've never seen these in real life so I was excited to get a big lot of them!

Fun paper items, almanacs and kid's books.

My favorite things to buy are, of course, many tiny things. Tokens, buckles, an old compass, birds, small letter openers made from bone.

Also I can never pass up vintage religious medals!

Oh... shiny stuff. I've never seen a mirrored buckle!

More small things.

I need more paper stuff like I need a kick in the head, but the price was right so I got about 200 pieces of antique postcards and photos here.

I love the way these vintage canning labels look! I should photocopy these before I sell them.

In other news, I recently acquired a HUGE amount of beads, findings, cabochons, charms, kits, etc., all NEW in the package. These will also be posted into the flea market section of my site at great discounts over retail price. I have a ton of this stuff so it will be priced to sell!

Hope all is well out there!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Office or, The Dog Fight

Manto Fev moved it's headquarters in November from a basement to a room! Yay! It was a pretty smooth transition and move and I am finally getting settled in enough to have time to update my neglected blog. So here is a short tour of the new Manto Fev world headquarters. Also included, at no extra charge, is a dog fight. When you first come in the door (on the left of the picture), there is a handy fire extinguisher .... oh, wait... nope. Just a glass box and a stick to break it. No fire safety for you, move along. Turn to go down the hall and you are welcomed by two very calm dogs. They seem to say "Hello, this is a place of calm and tranquility." Then, BAM. Welcome to the office and welcome to THE TERRIBLE FIGHT. Don't call the Humane Society on me, I promise no wagers were made as to the outcome of this event. It ended shortly after and no dogs were injured in the making of this post. Or in the 157 more fights that have happened just today. So here it is, in all its glory, The Office. Good times.  Check out this page for new products, some of which were just added today. It's a helpful page.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stuff I like

I have a fun job. Going around, looking for fun things for you to use in your art projects, taking photos, updating the site. Lots of little things flow in and out of my life and it's nice to be their owner for little while and then pass them on to a new home. I do like some little bits more than others, and here are some examples.

Vintage redemption stamps, redeemable for fabulous prizes...

The current cool colors I have in the sari fabrics.

I love big heaps of postage stamps. These are waiting to make up the misc. postage stamps packs.

I adore these vintage matchbox labels. Each one is different and better than the last.

I am down to my last bottles of German glass glitter. I bought out my supplier's remaining stock so get it now to add sparkle to your holiday crafts!

Real pennies with little hearts cut out. These would be great for Valentine's Day art.

As a devoted follower of all things small, these watch part vials really fit the bill. Maybe I was a watch repair person in a former life?

These vintage liquor labels have such fun, bright colors.

Dixie reluctantly models the small plastic dog figures.

Stella unknowingly models the doghouse charms.

So that's the end of that.

But before I go, two announcements!

One, Manto Fev now offers a free gift with any $25 purchase. There are several options to choose from and I will add new options now and again when I come up with them.

Second, Manto Fev will be moving to a new location sometime around the beginning of November. You can expect great things after this if the move doesn't kill us all.

Hope all is well in your land. Toodle-loo.